Vanessa Vium – Gifberg 2017

Loved everything about our trip, but mostly, you, our wonderfully competent and helpful tour guides! You seem to have perfected the art of balance. You were part of, yet separate to the group, you shared details of the day’s route yet managed to keep the best part a surprise, you were so well organised with plans yet were so accommodating and relaxed. Thank you so much.

Rob Hamilton – Overberg Weekend 2017

Sincerely thank you for a truly life enriching experience.  You have found a wonderful recipe for a very casual feeling experience with flawless organisation that seems to be effortless. All things with this degree of complexity that just appears to happen is supported by careful and dedicated planning and evidence of the obvious behind the scenes work is everywhere. The greatest asset that both you guys have however is mindfulness. The unobtrusive caring and awareness allows you to identify with everybody in the group and their individual needs and relate to them in ways that allows them to feel included, valued and cared for. With this as a basis group dynamics can flourish and everybody experiences the joy of sharing the beautiful surroundings and feelings of vitality from the exercise. A great recipe that is on par with those delicious homemade cookies. Just another one of those small details that with all the others add so much to the experience.

Paul Martin – Cederberg Challenge 2017

Very, very many thanks for a very smoothly and professionally run cycle tour. Hope to see you again in the not too distant future!

Andy Steel (France) –  Tour de Cap de Bonne Esperance 2017

In very difficult wind conditions, Leanne and Jennifer produced a stunning day’s cycling. A great mix of flat trail cycling, undulating quiet roads and a quick climb up a section of Table Mountain, with a nice technical finish. Something for everyone yesterday, including a cup of tea. A number of things made this an outstanding day; the ability to produce a wonderful ride in the weather conditions, tailoring the ride to the abilities of the riders, the enthusiasm and knowledge of the guides and the professionalism of their organisation and back up. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Mark Thompson – Gifberg Weekend 2016

What I liked about this trip is I had absolutely no idea about the riding conditions or where we actually were, my only requirements were, good food and a good bed. And that kept it exciting! I trusted the Untamed team to deliver and they more than met our expectations!!!! Well done ladies!

The Food Athlete

Karen Yssel – Cederberg Explore 2016

I absolutely loved our Cederberg tour. It was well planned, not too challenging although I felt the 110km day for a while afterwards !
I would love to join you again. You girls rock.


Marianne Marsh – October 2016

Whenever I’m lucky enough to do one of these trips through the interior of South Africa, I grab at the chance! I instantly feel 16 again. Some of the challenges are tough but the laughter & camaraderie of the journey really rejuvenate me! Highly recommended – I’ve done 3 trips so far! The best holiday, no cooking, cleaning, planning etc. JUST CYCLING!

Robyn Panagos – May 2016

Hi Jennifer and Leanne, I bumped into Janet on the weekend and she told me about your cycling venture. What a fantastic news! The trip that I did with you was one of the best adventures I’ve had! Wishing you happy trails ahead – loads of love! 

Sally Shaw – Gifberg Flower

To Jennifer, Leanne and Mel, what an incredible team, so organised, so safe and such fun. These adventures are highly recommended, I came back feeling amazing, my soul restored and can’t wait for the next one. The best part is, it is not a mountain bike race, it is a journey at your own pace with a group of wonderful like minded women. Loved every minute xx

Karen Lambrecht – Cederberg Explore 2016

What an amazing six days of riding through the beautiful Cederberg Mountains. It was SO much fun!! Thanks Jennifer, Leanne and Mel, can’t wait for the next adventure.

Marianne Marsh – Karoo Quest  2015

Thanks Leanne & Jennifer!!! I am impressed with myself! I also feel very privileged to be part of these AMAZING trips. You & Jennifer have nailed the ultimate cycling holidays!! 

Janet Caine – Hankey to Riversdale 2014

Dear Leanne, WOW! It was impressive and THE best adventure I have had! Thank you for all the organising, patience & encouragement! See you in the forest. 

Judy Lamprecht – Hankey to Riversdale 2014

What a great adventure…normal life seems boring!! It was so great to just  live in the moment on our bikes taking in the beautiful scenery. I really feel privileged that I could be part of the Freedom Moms this year and share it with you great ladies! Thank you for the incredible execution on every level from accommodation to route to transport to YES I had to say tea time treats!!! Love Judy

Yvette Roux – George to Riebeek Kasteel 2013

Hi All, Thank you all for such a SPECIAL journey! I enjoyed every moment. Haven’t had so much fun in a very long time. Dankie almal! Please forward me the recipes! 

Petro Mostert – Hankey to Montagu 2012

Thank so much Leanne, we surely did a great trip & worked hard! A week ago we were cycling up the Prins Albert Pass! Let’s go back!!!Thanks to all for including me in the ride, I had the time of my life & came home to a little boy who hugs me even more! Hope to see you all soon, we need to have a reunion! We can always ride to the mast & indulge in a massive breakfast afterwards!! Keep Well.

Ligia Medes – Laingsburg to Wellington 2010

What a wonderful week it was! Thank you all for being such great sports! To Jennifer & Leanne, Thank you for organising such a fantastic tour! Jennifer –  your cooperation with the Vito was so welcome! Thanks a million as the kids say! Let’s do it again soon!

Jacqui Loydell – Laingsburg to Wellington 2010

Thanks to all of you for making THE ride a wonderful experience! I enjoyed every day – on the bike & off the bike! You all provided great entertainment, and thank you Jennifer especially for providing the most wonderful support for all of us! Things would not have gone so smoothly without you! The Vito was always a welcome sight! May our cycling routes meet again!