Jennifer Burger and Leanne Wheeler are adventure loving, outdoor experienced individuals who are fully qualified Adventure Cycle guides, registered with the local Western Cape Tourism authorities. They have been providing tours around the Western Cape since 2010. Their love for the beauty of the country with its diverse people and spectacular scenery is evident in the quality and efficiency of the organised and practical tours.

These tours, spanning a period of 3 to 10 days, reflect their passion for cycling in a non-competitive, fun loving environment on roads less travelled. Safety is an important consideration and there is always a back-up vehicle for those who need to sit back, stretch legs or just take time out.

Jennifer and Leanne are constantly exploring and planning new cycling tour routes in the Western Cape area. They will provide you with the opportunity of getting out of the city, into nature and off the beaten track. On these tours you will meet wonderful local people, live in new communities and eat delicious local fare. Together with their care and attention to detail, they strive to ensure that everyone enjoys the unforgettable adventure experience.

As you spend time together, in the beauty of the Western Cape, you will soon discover that both Leanne and Jennifer’s passion for the outdoors does not stop at cycling. They race dinghies and yachts and in their spare time hike the mountains in Cape Town.