• Is this trip designed for men & women?  

Yes it is. Some groups prefer to be all women, but some like to ride with partners or mixed groups.


  • Do you supply bicycles or must we bring our own? 

We do not supply bikes, however, we can help you source and hire a bike.


  • Where are you based? Where do we start from?

We are based in the Southern suburbs in Cape Town, and we begin our ride from this base where you will drop your bikes & meet us on day of departure.


  • What is the minimum and maximum number riders on a trip?  

6 minimum

10 maximum – this allows us to give you  personalised service and the best tour experience possible.


  • When is payment due?

We require a 50% deposit on confirmation with the balance due three weeks prior to your departure.


  • What level of fitness is required?

You can select your group according to your ability and we will design your trip to your requirements.

Levels of fitness can vary as we always have the luxury of the back-up vehicle. 


  • Do we have to do the whole day cycle, what if we feel tired? 

Our back up vehicle with trailer accompanies the riders and you can get into the vehicle at any stage.


  • What if a partner would like to join the tour but does not cycle?

They are welcome to reserve a slot and drive with us and be together with their partners in the evenings.


  • Are there any rest days?

No …. but custom designed tours can have a rest day slotted in if there are other activities that you would like to do e.g wine tasting, hiking, reading, swimming etc.